I write music and I sing songs. I like doing that. I love it.

Biographies however, are not my thing. Sorry about that.

They make me go all funny and the words get stuck in my throat.

Here’s what another human thinks about me though…

Hailing from the valley beneath the hills of the Dark Peak, within shouting distance of Manchester’s N.Q. and its thriving open mic scene, Amy Griffiths is a twenty something songstress with a voice to silence the loudest of rooms and steal the coldest of hearts.

Heads turn and mouths close as in the space of just a couple of chords, Amy’s voice floats to the ceiling like a leaf on the breeze, before smashing clean through the roof at full belt and full pelt.

Her range is frightening.

From graceful and gentle to stark and bold, sometimes within the same song. Sometimes within the same line.

The delivery is so engaging that people actually forget to check their phones. Imagine.

With influences ranging from Skunk Anansie to Britney Spears, Amy draws from as many genres as she does individual artists for the writing process.

Her attention to detail is meticulous and serendipitous all at once, if that’s even a thing.

Together with the matters of a heavy heart and a hardened head, you can tell that Amy pours buckets of personal experience and raw feeling into her songs. Her covers are kissed with her own verve and energy, leaving you unsure if you’ve “heard that somewhere before.” You have, but not like this.

Vitally, she listens just as much as she sings.

And not just to music either.

To the world around her… Her observation is an inspiration. Her humour and wit hold up mirrors to the audience, who never fail to recognise themselves in her lyrics and lose themselves in her sounds.

Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman. They’d all approve of what Amy’s doing, which is actually quite lovely when you think about it, seeing as she’s following in their footsteps very nicely indeed.

So that’s quite good isn’t it?

For all bookings and enquiries, just ask.


Amy x